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Retail sales are important economic indicators because consumer spending drives much of our world’s economy. In retail operations, manpower costs form a large part of the operation. Thus, utilizing technologies to help collect statistics (for example, footfall) for analysis and loss prevention system is critical to have a more effective and efficient operation.

Resotek Indonesia, a company of Skywave Pte. Ltd. (Skywave) is the leading electronic people counting system provider in Asia, also known as a well-established one-stop merchandise security solutions (EAS and CCTV) provider and supplier for merchandise security products for our retailers both in Singapore and in the regional countries. We contribute to the field of Integrated Audio Visual System technology with updated technology to maximize the needs of all our customers. We have grown from a small company 1996 to a company with operations in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. We also have a presence in with many other countries.

We place a strong emphasi on research and development. We have a strong team of engineers in our R&D department, and they are enthusiastic and dedicated. Apart from continuous development on PCS and EAS systems, tags and accessories, we also continue to design and make products on OEM and ODM basis for customers.

Vision and Mission

  • Vision

    As part of Skywave’s group of companies, PT Resotek Indonesia seeks to deliver the best Retail technologies by providing a one-stop solution to achieve total customer satisfaction.

  • Mission

    To be a market leader supporting retailers with new technologies to help in a more effective and efficient operation.





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